Don’t Go It Alone. Receive Your Support Team.

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In Western culture, it’s easy to get swept up into the idea that you have to go it alone.

It’s your hard work that will make you successful.

If you just sleep a little less, drink a little more coffee, and work a little harder, you’ll make it – right?


Or maybe you will, but it won’t be fun. You’ll sacrifice health, happiness, and probably a few hairs along the way.

We’re not meant to go it alone!

Since I opened up myself to the idea of receiving help – of not doing it alone – I’ve been amazed.

In fact, every time I drop another part of my plan – the way I think it has to be done – things get infinitely easier.

And it’s becoming clearer and clearer that I have no idea how to get to where I want to be – I don’t even know where I want to be – just an idea of where I want to be next. And I’m realizing the universe knows better than I do how to get there.

If you clear your mind of your path – if you drop the blinders you’ve put up and start being open – you’ll start to see opportunities and a path that’ll get you there faster (you might even see a NEW path that excites you – one you’d never have thought of on your own).

Let things happen. Look. Listen. And you’ll start to see them – opportunities. Opportunities you normally walk right by.

And then, the most important part –

Grab them when they appear. Take action.

If you miss one, don’t worry. There’ll be plenty more. But, take action on as many as you can. If they don’t work out, that’s okay. You learned something about yourself and there’ll be another one.

What do these opportunities look like, you ask?

They could be in any form but one of the most common opportunities you’ll come across is – people.

Wonderful, lovely people who want to help you get to where you want to be.

Who have an insight, tip, or thought you’ve never thought of before – an “ah-hah” moment.

Who know the perfect person to connect you with.

This happened to me last month. I met someone that the universe put in my path to not only be a wonderful friend – but to help me get to where I want to be.

But it all started long before last month. It started last year.

In July 2013, I went to my first World Domination Summit, a conference with 3000 people who want to use their gifts and skills to serve, have adventures, and build community.

There, I went on a cruise with a couple hundred other attendees and met Nazrin of RYPL (Rock Your Purpose Live). We promptly got into a “lively discussion” about the usefulness of coaching – which I didn’t understand or believe in at the time.

But, after a few more drinks and discussions about our passions and where we wanted to go, a beautiful friendship was born. And she had me intrigued about this coaching thing.

Generously, she took me on as a coachee and really transformed my life. And I got “it”.

She believed in me, my message, and how I could transform lives.

In fact, she invited me to speak at an event in Sydney! o_O

Wow, I’d always wanted to be a speaker. And here it was – another opportunity. I grabbed it.

She helped me refine my message and my talk and it blew the audience away – really connected with them – even brought some to tears. I was so touched and overjoyed.

Then, Nazrin introduced me to Josh Becker of I Simply Am (a self-compassion and self-love coach who changes my life every day with his FB posts and even more with his one-on-one advice), Mick Hall (an amazing business strategist who’s advice has, and still IS, taking my businesses to the next level), and her RYPL partner Leah Hynes (who, with Naz, have helped me drop a lot of the walls that were preventing me from succeeding) . Together, we formed a Mastermind Group to support each other in our businesses.

And all of their support and friendship (they have become some of my best friends and I love them dearly) has been THE biggest reason for my progress this past year.

Then came WDS 2014. Josh lived in Monterey, California and we decided to road trip it up to Portland from there (13 hours). About a month before the ride, he asked if I minded if a friend of his came along.

I said, “Of course I don’t mind – the more the merrier.” Her name was Lynan Saperstein. I knew nothing about her except that Josh thought she was awesome – good enough for me.

That 13 hours was incredible. We really bonded and had an amazing ride of vulnerability and dropping more walls. Over the WDS weekend, I attended Lynan’s meetup on how to run live events (which I learned she kicks ASS at). She inspired me to run my own events. And, she connected me with someone else with an opportunity for my other business, Fire Starter Writing.

And we became better friends.

After that weekend, I started seeing more and more of Lynan’s FB posts (because I kept liking all of them). They always made me feel good and gave me the message I needed at the right moment. And I found out about her business: The Big Factor. I realized she was someone I wanted to spend more time with – yes, as a friend – because she’s awesome. But, I also wanted her as a business mentor. (You are the 5 people you spend the most time with.)

So I took action. I signed up for her Trailblazer Retreat in Costa Rica in February 2015 and hired her as a business strategist – with money I don’t have.

But I know I’ll never make that money alone. She’s already changing my life and my business. I feel the momentum building – and the financial abundance coming.

But do you see what happened throughout that whole story?

I let people help me.

I didn’t do anything of significance on my own. I merely accepted the opportunities that came my way.

Because I was open to anything.

I talked about what I was doing and what I wanted to do.

People saw something in me. Connected with me. Wanted to help me.

And I let them.

I was open to help. Open to letting more amazing people into my life.

Putting myself in a position to meet them (going to a conference where I knew people like me would be – please do this!)

And I took action! I said yes when Naz invited me into an accountability group and to coaching sessions. I said yes when asked to join the Mastermind group. I said yes to my gut instinct to go to Lynan’s live event meetup. I said yes to hiring Lynan because I knew she could help me. I said yes to Mick’s offer and generosity to help me with business strategy.

I’m investing in myself and my business by surrounding myself with people that will help me build it.

And don’t forget – it’s a 2 way street. I do my best to help all of them any time I can too!

We’re a team – in it together. All building our visions together and supporting each other – changing the world together.

Don’t go it alone. It’s a whole lot more effective to have a support team of amazing friends – and a whole lot more fun too!

And, these people WILL come into your life – as soon as you drop your plan. Drop your desire to do it all yourself. As soon as you’re ready to receive them, they’ll come. Be open to other opportunities that might not be what you think you need.

You’ll be very surprised when you find out what it is you really need – and how far it is from what you think you do.

Just be open. Drop the blinders.

If you’ve had an experience like this, please share!!

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